Spring Tour Update

Hey everyone, we’ve had a ball this last fall headlining our Accelerated Nation Tour. There has been talk about calling our 3 week jaunt coming this February/March of 2019 the Second Leg or Part 2 of the Accelerated Nation tour, but we stopped short of this and I’ll tell you why.

It has always been our plan up until recently with the release of our new album Hurry Up & Hang Around to execute a fall and a spring tour hitting all of our major markets as hard as we can immediately, half in the fall, half in the spring, but a wonderful opportunity has occurred causing us to postpone what would have been that second leg of that tour.

It’s too early for us to tell you what specifically we’re electing to do as this involves other people and entities, but you’ll have to take my word for it when I say that we have deemed what will now become a major summer package (one we’ve actually been excited to do for a long time) worth postponing what we were planning to do on our own several months earlier.

To everyone who was expecting us to show up in New York, Chicago, Philly, Boston, Atlanta, Austin, and so many other primary markets, fear not we are coming. Just a little bit later and we’re bringing some friends with us.

This does however leave us at something of a loss as to what to call what would have been the second half of our accelerated nation tour. The three weeks that we are touring in the spring should be called something and I think perhaps it is fitting that we give it a name worthy of what it is. So we proudly present and rename what we are calling our spring run as officially: The Almost April Springtime FunRun “Third Leg” 2019.

We know it’s only a brief run but this way we get to bring you a show this summer that we know your are gonna like. And I also have time to heal up that damn shoulder of mine. Prognosis is good, and by then, I should have the strength to arm wrestle 14 men half my size.

I hate to keep the summer so mysterious and cryptic at this point but announcements will be made of precisely what were doing sometime in February and then all will be revealed. And for the limited number of places we ARE coming to play in the late winter early spring please know that we are very excited to rock and rage an have some fun with you.

Look for dates for this summer. They will be announced shortly. And by no means are we done. And again thank you for your incredible response to our album and we will see you when it warms up.

Happy Holidays and here’s to your “Third Leg” wherever it may be.

John & Blues Traveler