Over the years, we’ve seen some great videos of folks singing & lip-syncing the rap verse from our song “Hook.” From Emma Stone on Jimmy Fallon, to hundreds of others who have shared their videos on TikTok & Instagram  — we decided to launch the #HookChallenge.


If you think you’ve got the chops and are up for a challenge, post a video of you singing the rap verse from “Hook” with the hashtags #HookChallenge & a hashtag for your city so we know where you live.

Post your video on Instagram or TikTok (make sure your account is not private & you’re following our accounts, or we won’t be able to find it) — and the band will choose some winners who will receive 2 tickets for the headline show of your choice, and an invitation to join us on stage to perform “Hook” with us!

Check out our Tour Dates to see when we’ll be playing a show close to you, tag our account on Instagram or TikTok, and use the previously mentioned hashtags in your post so we can find your post. 

(See additional terms & conditions at the bottom of this page.)   
@swiftesisters320 the other day Molly said “I know the rap part of that song Hook” 😂 well okay then Molly #bluestraveler #acousticcovers #sisters #thehookbringsyouback ♬ original sound – Hartley and Molly
@amberleeasch I’m starting this challenge for about 3 people to view. Let’s go my 90’s people! #bluestraveler #hook #goodmusic #duet ♬ original sound – Amber Lee Pallas

*Posts must be made publicly on social media after March 1, 2024 and include the hashtag #HookChallenge & a hashtag with the city you would like to attend a show in.